One Time Payment
Please confirm all of the following payment information to approve your online payment.
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Note: In order to receive same day credit you must submit your online payment by 4:00pm (PST) Monday through Friday (excluding holidays).

Note: An online payment cannot be used to replace a returned check or 2 or more payments that are past due.

ClassicPlan Loan Information
Personal Information

Please provide the following information as it appears on your check.

Checking Account Information

Your routing number must come from a check, not a deposit slip.

You may find the information at the bottom of your physical checks (NOT deposit slips) as seen below:


Alternatively, if you do not have physical checks and manage your account(s) electronically via your bank app or online website, you can locate this information within your account display. If you need further help, your bank will have directions specific to your particular institution for where to locate this information.

Online Payment

ClassicPlan's Online Payment By Check is a service we provide to make your payment Online using your checking account. Your information will be sent to us over a secured page to insure the privacy of your information. There is an $8.00 processing fee that will be automatically added to your check for this service. This is a safe, reliable option to make those last minute payments to avoid cancellation.

To use our Online Payment by Check just follow these easy steps:

  1. Have the following checking account information available(located on the bottom of your check):
    • Routing Number
    • Bank Account Number
    • Check Number
  2. Have your ClassicPlan loan number available.
  3. Fill out the information requested on the Payment by Check form and submit it to us on our secured web page.
  4. Print out your confirmation page for your records.
  5. You will receive an email from us immediately following the transaction to confirm receipt of your payment.
  6. Void your check and DO NOT mail the check to our office.

We will credit your loan as though we had received a check in the mail. In order to receive same day credit you must submit your online payment by 4:00 pm (PST) Monday through Friday. It is the borrower's responsibility to provide valid information to process the Online payment.